Abyss Guide

Certainly one of the most confusing features of Aion is the Abyss. There’s all kind of information circling around and while I’m sure most of you know the very basics of Abyss, it’s all but easy to find detailed info about some key things such as fortress sieges, Abyss points and ranks,...
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Rifts FAQ

Naamah posted a short guide explaining how rifts work on his blog for those of you who didn’t get the chance to get to know them. Basically, rifts are portals which take you to the other faction leveling areas, and enable you to visit instances, collect materials and of course, PvP. There’s...
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Aion Beginners Guide to PvP

Another guide by a member of the Raven Wolf forums, this time about PvP. If you haven’t read his enchanting guide yet, I strongly suggest you do it now, at least so you can get used to the writing style . Although it certainly won’t make you a PvP god, this guide covers most of the basics...
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Vid: Gladiator vs. Templar

Level 18 Gladiator vs. Templar duel.
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Vid: Spiritmaster vs. Ranger PvP

This vid shows some Spiritmaster versus Ranger low-level PvP. It’s from the first stage of Korean closed beta, so yeah it’s a bit outdated.
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Aion Beta Weekend Review

After my last entry about some of the upcoming MMOs, luck would have it that I was able to get a chance to play Aion during one of their recent beta preview weekend type events.  Today I am going to try to give you my impressions from playing during the recent weekend event that had a level limit of...
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Aion FAQ

I gathered some frequently asked questions and thought it might be nice to put them somewhere. I’ll probably write more detailed posts about some of these questions in the coming days so stay tuned. If I think of more questions I’ll be sure to add them here as well. How extensive will Aion...
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