Open Beta Patch Notes

Aion producer Brian Knox posted news on the official site regarding the upcoming open beta and the changes it brings. I already posted a few patch 1.5 related articles but it can’t hurt to repeat the info once again. New Areas: Theobomos (Elysea) and Brusthonin (Asmodae) New Instances! Over...
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Open Beta, Preselect & Headstart Info

Details have just been unveiled on the official site about the upcoming open beta and the character pre-select and headstart. Open Beta Features patch 1.5 6-13th September Numerous western enhancements (new character creation features), as well as new zones, instances, skills, quests and more Level...
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Aion Patch 1.5 Impressions

A really interesting post over at Kotaku details some of the things that changed in the last year, mostly in the patch 1.5. New character creation options, armor set bonuses, 14 new instances, english voiceovers and professionally translated quest texts, as well as less grinding are just some of the...
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Newsflash: Patch 1.5, Aion Podcast, Blogs

Since I didn’t post any of these news in the last few days, I’ll just slap them all into one post. Patch 1.5 Over at aionsource, someone was kind enough to translate the patch 1.5 notes and reveal several interesting new features and changes. Lots of instances have their reentry times changed....
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Official Patch 1.5 Trailer

A stunning new movie was released on the Korean PlayNC website, featuring scenes from an upcoming instance which will be available in patch 1.5 (Aion release version). Check out the vid below and enjoy! edit: you can find translated 1.5 patch notes here!
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