Aion Patch 1.5 Impressions

A really interesting post over at Kotaku details some of the things that changed in the last year, mostly in the patch 1.5. New character creation options, armor set bonuses, 14 new instances, english voiceovers and professionally translated quest texts, as well as less grinding are just some of the...
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Aion Character Customization

I mentioned the extensive character customization features in Aion a few times before, but let’s talk more about it now. It’s hard to describe it with only words, but fortunately there’s plenty of videos and screenshots to back it up and show you just how cool this can be! The...
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Vid: Elyos Character Creation

A vid showing various options when creating an Elyos character.
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Vid: Asmodian Character Creation

A vid showing various options when creating an Asmodian character.
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Aion Beta Weekend Review

After my last entry about some of the upcoming MMOs, luck would have it that I was able to get a chance to play Aion during one of their recent beta preview weekend type events.  Today I am going to try to give you my impressions from playing during the recent weekend event that had a level limit of...
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