Posted by frank on September 11, 2009

Super Serious Review of Aion Beta

From the author of two “unbiased” reviews  I posted here and here comes the third part. It was actually published several weeks ago but it slipped under my radar: I thought I subscribed to wowfony’s updates but I guess I was wrong.

I must admit the third vid is not as entertaining as previous two but I still recommend you watch it. The author also mentioned our little site in there for which I thank him, and I’ll return the favor by linking to his band website. Go visit!

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3 Responses to “Super Serious Review of Aion Beta”

  1. Thirteen says:

    I Love these.

    This guy cracks me up.

    Though it should be noted, there are several changes since his review.


  2. Jon says:

    I just got something to say about the narrator for that video on this page, right now its the 20th early release for Aion and after playing it for countless hours on the first day I can say this moron completely under rated everything he stated regardless if hes describing the beta version. We all can so obviously hear his awkard loyalty towards world of warcaft, I mean come on just the way he started bashing n animation timing, well maybe you shouldnt be lying down in the middle of a spawn area for monsters retard. Oh and one more thing if you’re going to reveiw a game before its release maybe you should go with the pros and cons skit, there I hope your miniature coin purse between your legs feels like its full of pennies. And another thing Aion is likely to be the successor of all currently available mmos’s, now let time go by and watch it happen.

  3. vinicius says:

    Can someone answer me ca Brazilians who play this game? please Thanks