Posted by frank on September 16, 2009

Spiritmaster Pets Learned to Fly

Spiritmasters have finally something to rejoice about. From what I can tell in the video below, their pets will finally be able to fly with their masters and fight their foes in the air. A very exciting feature which I’m sure will make many of you happy.

SpiritmasterUnfortunately, I haven’t seen any official word about it, the only proof is the video posted on Youtube. I’m afraid I can’t understand much on the korean site linked to. Howewer, it doesn’t appear to be a fluke so many of you us who scratched the class for their lack of combat abilities in the air, this is exactly the reason to reconsider.

(source: longasc)

Edit: confirmation can be found in these translated patch 1.6 notes, along with some other changes.

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2 Responses to “Spiritmaster Pets Learned to Fly”

  1. Thirteen says:

    I admit I am very curious about some of these potential updates from the Korean test server. Yet, this one in particular bothers me.
    “2. Running away from a spell being casted will no longer interrupt the spell.”
    I see many deaths from priests who need to stop a heal on someone to apply a “oh shit” heal on the tank. Perhaps NCSoft has instituted a spell cast override, or at a minimum, the spacebar will cancel. This could be a HUGE FAIL.
    Good posting Frank.


    • frank says:

      Actually my understanding of this is a fix for the issue explained here. If the spell animation is still active any movement will cancel the cast even though the timer says the cast is finished. However, it’s not entirely clear so I could be wrong.