Posted by frank on September 25, 2009

Private Stores Nerfed

The first of undoubtedly many upcoming changes is one which should hopefully put an end to the extensive abuse of private stores as a means to stay online and avoid disconnects.

A timer of 30 minutes will be implemented to prevent these shops from being abused as a means to prevent disconnection and alleviate queues.

The servers will be down for about an hour today at 14:00 BST / 6:00AM PST. This change may not be the best one for the future of personal shops but right now it’s definitely required and welcomed. It will probably make the auction house more popular as means for selling your items, although you must admit rarely anyone was selling anything of real value so far. Most important is the fact this will increase FPS is quest hubs and cities, as well as reduce queue times which we all unfortunately experienced.

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18 Responses to “Private Stores Nerfed”

  1. Aikeru says:

    I hate the queues just as much as anyone else… but there are legit reasons to leave stores open. Many a time in other games, where there were no queues at all, I would leave a character up with a shop strategically placed (ie: near an area where a certain item was necessary or very helpful). I think 30 minutes is pretty extreme — how about 3 hours? Wouldn’t that fix the people abusing it (leaving it on all night) but not those just trying to make a profit?

    30 minutes is hardly any exposure to legitimately expensive items….

    Also, I bet you we wouldn’t have any queues if they’d just get rid of the damned goldsellers and crap!! I get a whisper every 2-3 minutes advertising gold.

  2. Takameanie says:

    Honestly, it’s not the people that are “leaving it on all night”…

    What time of day did you get that 3000 person queue? I’d guess that it was between 5-9pm (server time) depending on if you’re on a EST or WST server. What they should have done is limit it to 30 min. only during those times, because lets face it…not many people are on from midnight to 4pm the next day because of work/school and sleeping for work/school.

    The only time I put a personal store up is overnight, because, things sell! The only way to sell things in a personal store is to leave it up for hours on end. If 3 ppl see your store in 30 min. compared with 500 overnight…you have a much greater chance of selling things. Also, I’m sure the people leaving their stores up overnight aren’t doing it “to beat the queue”.

    There must be a way that they can limit it only during the peak hours, or make it so you can only use the personal store between 9PM and 5PM next day (so overnight and during normal working hours). The only time I have ever experienced a queue is between 5pm and 9-10pm, and I agree pretty much all of the personal stores I see have a grey item up for 9 mil and/or have AFK written in the message (during those peak hours), but when I log on in the morning, every personal store I see actually is selling legit items.

    Totally getting rid of personal stores isn’t the answer here, anyway, like I said on the other post. Ppl will just put something heavy on their “turn” button and leave so that their camera is spinning around in circles…would that be considered “activity”?

  3. Takameanie says:

    Aikeru, Amen on the gold sellers…they need to add a way to report their names (let me know if it’s already in there I haven’t seen it, the “autoreport” button you have to have someone targetted I think), but during those “peak” hours, I would say I get messages from about 50 different gold seller names…so theres 50 people…at least…off the queue.

    Also, if you made it 3 hours, ppl would be able to afk through pretty much the whole peak server time. The people abusing it aren’t the “overnighter” personal stores, it’s the people personal storing during those few peak hours in the evening.

    It’s not all personal stores by the way…even if they do change this, you will still see massive queue’s because like I said, they waaay overpopulated the servers and they shouldn’t have done this until much later in the game when things have settled (if at all seeing as how their servers are time zoned) on an EST server there will ALWAYS be massive amounts of people logging on from 5pm to 10pm…50 personal stores being “d/c’d after 30 min.” isn’t going to help a 3000 person queue (I really doubt there are 3000 personal “AFK” stores going on when that queue is up).

    You could compare it to cell phones…”unlimited nights and weekends” and you use your minutes during 7am? – 7pm because this is “peak” time when a lot of people are using their phones.
    Even if they did a “30 min. inactivity d/c” on personal stores, it wouldn’t help the queue though. I wonder if they published anywhere the “maximum” load for servers and the number of people they let make char’s on them. I would say they probably let 5,000 to 10,000 people above max load create char’s (if not more than that). That is the reason for the queue, not personal stores.

  4. Thirteen says:

    I do agree 30 mins is a big jump… but if the decision to root a character for hours, while you leave the game, or ALT+TAB out and go do something else… well, that is hardly fair to the 1000+ people who just want to get on to go kill some stuff, group with friends who are already on, or level a crafting skill… ya know, like “actually play the game”. Sorry, but I think the Personal Stores is a good idea that failed with Joe Public. Just use the Trader, if you want to sell and roll in the cash over night. If you are looking to exploit a little supply and demand for a quest, and hole up shop right next.. I think a 30 min monopoly is sufficient.
    Also, to avoid the gold spammers, you can either “/block Healkfjs” or set your status to “Invisible” within the “Friends list” screen…
    To do this press, “V” on your keyboard, select the “Friends” tab, @ the top right hand corner, use the “Status” drop down menu and select “invisible”.
    The Final Thought from Jerry Springer would suggest, perhaps we discuss alternatives to the current situation of Personal Stores, and urge NCSoft to review one or some of them… for now, its a little mute; The decision has been made already.

  5. Takameanie says:

    Yea, decision was made already , but I’m pretty sure you’ll still see the queues and eventually they’ll have to own up to overpopulation being the cause of it and not personal stores. 2 personal stores being kicked off isn’t going to let 1000 people on.

  6. Takameanie says:

    The issue wasn’t “avoiding” gold spammers, the issue is reporting them and getting them booted from the server. If they’re going to kick people off the game that are just trying to sell in-game items in their personal stores, they need to also put the same effort into booting people that are selling in-game money for real world money.

    For being so adamant about getting AFK personal stores d/c’d, simply “avoiding the gold sellers” doesn’t seem like an equal reaction. Gold sellers are also making you wait in the queue. (as well as ruining the in-game economy)

    • Thirteen says:

      Agreed. Perhaps we will see a posting for the Goldspammers soon here at AionFly. Frank always has something cooking in the background. He’s like Nana.
      The refered comment regarding becoming invisible and avoiding the gold spammers, was just a temporary solution that I know works for now.
      Yet again, I agree with you.

  7. Takameanie says:

    You are right with the “Joe Public” comment, though. I have no clue why people decided to start “marketing” that they are AFK with the personal store, and didnt’ even think that it would lead to it’s demise. Couldn’t they have simply put an item that usually sells for 5k up for 20-30k, which probably wouldn’t be obvious, and just not enter a store message. Then maybe the queue problem would have gotten blamed on the real culprit…the overloading of the servers. lol

  8. Takameanie says:

    Games like WoW, that don’t have time zone oriented servers, can get away with overpopulating their servers, because the player base will be spread over the entire 24 hour period. Time zone oriented servers like Aion, however, with timed events catering to one time zone, will always have the largest number of players between 5pm and 10ish pm, because this is the time frame when most players are getting home from work/school and then going to sleep.

    I would recommend logging on around 3-4pm and remaining active in some way if you have something scheduled for 7-9pm, because even with the stores gone, you will still be waiting a good 2-3 hours to log onto the game at 8pm.

  9. Takameanie says:

    Just thought of this. They could take personal stores completely out, and instead make broker fees a little bit lower and offer extra spaces in the broker to sell things. That was one thing I liked better about WoW (although I hate to admit it), was that you could sell an indefinite number of items at one time. Only having 10 slots to sell things doesn’t let you put much up, especially if you’re breaking a stack of 100+ of something into smaller amounts. You can use broker alts, but then you have to level each one up to 10. I would trade off no more personal stores for extra broker slots though.
    They could also implement an “afk report” function where people could report those with personal stores with a spider leg up for 9 mil and once you get 10-15 afk reports it logs you out, but on the other hand that could then be abused by the “reporters”.

  10. frank says:

    Do items still stay for 8 days on the auction house? Cause they’d probably have to lower that significantly if they allow more slots. Nevertheless, I agree with you, it would be a good tradeoff.

    • Takameanie says:

      Why would they have to lower the 8 days (just wondering). What would be wrong with allowing people to put unlimited items for sale for 8 days. I don’t understand why they limited it to 10 in the first place, I don’t see anything bad about selling more than 10 things.

    • frank says:

      Because otherwise they’d have to deal with enormous amounts of data: imagine everyone putting 50 or something items for 8 days. Besides, 2-3 days is more than enough I think. Someone will undercut your prices on common items in minutes anyway.

    • Thirteen says:

      This may hurt my own cash cow, however, I cant be everywhere at all times.

      One method to making money on the Broker besides undercutting, is to scan. Find items that have a large difference between a low price, and the next price up.
      I.e. If there is an apple on the Broker, and the cheapest 4 are for 500.. meanwhile the 5th purchasable apple is for 3000, I would buy 2 of the apples at 500, then put them back on the Broker for 2000. I just quadrupled my money, and I didnt have to farm, make, or find anything.
      This takes less than 2 mins to find, and with 10 slots, you can make a significant amount of cash. Once you have a large pool of money, you can then look past the apples, and into bigger items.

  11. Takameanie says:

    Not relevant to this topic, but I logged on this morning to play a little and about 5 minutes into playing it comes up with the 5 min. til server shut down for maintenance. Now why, with time zoned servers, don’t they do this maintenance at like 3-4 am when nobody is on!! Not a big deal, but dang it just ticked me off I was about to ding too right at d/c lmao

  12. So Riculfy says:

    Love the blog…people are missing out not using Twitter more