Posted by Thirteen on September 22, 2009

Personal Stores… I Hate You!

Although I did rather like the idea to start with, yet this Author is resending his approval of NCSofts addition to Aion’s Character Personal Stores.  Here’s why:

Now, I’m sure I am being unreasonable.  Now that Aion is live, I wonder how much more difficult this is going to be.  I have walked my character past people hiding behind buildings, behind trees, up in the mountains, out in the open, in front of obelisks, in the middle of towns, and pretty much everywhere in Pandemonium…nearly all of them have at least one item for 9,000,000,000 + Kinah.  Typically it’s a grey item; piece of animal fur or a fang etc etc.  Some Personal Stores even have their display as “AFK to avoid disconnect. 2hr wait=fail!”

 Hmm.. “2 Hr wait = fail”  I couldn’t agree more.  How about, “ability to make you wait 2hrs while I sleep tonight = fail” I think that’s a bit more like it.  Or how about this one; “Afk, mom making me take a bath. No disconnect”.  No kidding! There are so many things I could say regarding this statement.  I even thought of holding a Caption Contest… post a Screen Shot of one, and ask readers to tell me something about the user.

 Negate the abusive nature of the Personal Stores, at least you can get good items for a decent price.  Erm, what was that?  I took it upon myself and polled at least 115 people I ran into.  Excuse me, if I can just ask you, have you bought anything from a personal store, Yes or No?   No really, I made a macro.  All I asked for was “yes” or “no”.  The answers this author got were near foreseeable. Thus far, so summarize, the results are at 9 yes’s, and 106 no’s.  7.8%.7.8%

 I like math. 

 Mmmm Math!

 Assuming the ration is somewhat consistent.  Given NCSoft reported a little over 400K pre-select and CE users, and assume they are all online at some point in time, and then there are ~ 31,305 users who are supporting the Personal Stores.  So it’s safe to say, given the sheer volume of the stores, there are, at a minimum, no less than a 1:1 ratio of sellers to buyers.  31,305 people for every 2 hrs that 1 player has to sit and wait, you are looking approximately 62,608…well, you get the picture.  Sure there is a value of exponent ascending value to establish the first wait time, and subsequent addition would simply prolong a moving targeted range.

 Ann E. Way,

Is 7.8% of the population sufficient warrant to keep the personal stores as is?

Tell ya what.  Do a search for Aion Personal stores (enter derogatory comment here).  Me? I learned my lesson.  Until NCSoft removes or changes personal stores,…


 ….never log out, or if you want to play, foresee your future time, and log in min, 2 hrs early, then go eat a PoP-Tart or something.  I will be found outside, washing my car, at work, sleeping, eating dinner or lunch, at the park, on a motorcycle, hanging out with friends, etc etc… all the while, my toon it happily waving at people to come buy my 4 million dollar Lesser Healing Potion.

~ Thirteen


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6 Responses to “Personal Stores… I Hate You!”

  1. frank says:

    I was just about to post about this but seems you beat me to it.

    It’s definitely getting out of hand. People are leaving personal stores on 24/7 just to stay online and avoid queues, while thousands of players suffer for it. It’s certainly a cool feature but I think it needs to be at least temporarily disabled or disconnect after 30ish minutes of inactivity.

    Having 3-4 hour queues is, despite NCsoft’s statements, not a smooth launch.

  2. Takameanie says:

    I think personal stores are a good idea, you can sell things easier, say, if you post up by a quest giver and want to sell the quest item. It puts the product right in front of the demand. If you think about it, though, theres really no way to get around it. If they make it a 30 min. d/c w/ no activity, ppl will just put something on their “turn” button to make the camera spin around in circles. Also, if you think about it, what good is a personal store if you have to sit and watch it and move your camera. Honestly, if you’re going to sell anything out of that, it isn’t going to sell in 30 min. it could take hours.

    I think a better solution would have been to add more servers and not overpopulate them as much as they did. I realize they overpopulate because “not everyone will be on at the same time”, so they want a fair amount of ppl on around the clock, but their servers are time zoned. Obviously tons of people are going to be on an EST time server at around 4-5pm everyones getting off work. I think they should have at least only allowed the max load for the server for the first month or so, until things settle down. I was in a 1500 person queue last night and I believe the server is one of the “less populated” overloading a server by 1500 people…they just shouldn’t have done that for launch, wait at least a month or so.

    • Thirteen says:

      Takameanie, thats a fair shake at the current situation. You are correct on many points. Server population IS the problem. I’m asking myself, “would this even be a subject of discussion, if the servers were not over populated?” I’m not sure. In most cases “no”. It wouldnt solve the fps issue when in a major city, however, in time, there wont be as many players there anyway.
      _Good reply comment Takameanie_

      • Takameanie says:

        I try :) lol

        In all honesty though, it’s really a catch 22 with the overpopulation. I know why they do it, because obviously the “max” number the server can hold won’t always be online, and if they only allow the max number then we would run into problems finding people for group quests and group pvp, etc…

        Also, I just thought of this, even with the AFKers, these massive queue’s we’re seeing is really, deep down, a good thing. It means the game is popular enough to have that many people on at a time. I hope it holds it’s ground and people don’t start dying off, even though it would make the queue’s better, with the group PvP style end-game, this massive population is a good thing.

        • Ted says:

          just wait a a couple weeks
          the game just launched
          NCsoft will put more servers and channels commited to the game
          this is always what happens in most mmos on launches or expansions

          by mid october this wont be an issue

  3. Giblets says:

    /necro FTW ! besides its still a problem almost 4 months later.

    I think the real issue is the design of the broker system / personal store.

    Broker only lets you put up 10 items at a time, then you put the other 6 in your store – silly.

    Why not extend broker to hold 20 items per player and be done with this whole personal store junk.