Posted by frank on September 7, 2009

Open Beta Troubles

If you tried to play Aion today, chances are you experienced some kind of issues. There’s plenty to go around, from huge latency to Gameguard errors and client crashes.

Thulf did a thorough job of collecting various issues players are experiencing:

GameGuard errors: the “GameGuard was modified” affected him as well as thousands of other angry players. You may also have to close down your firewall in order to connect. This list of frequent GG errors might help you get to the bottom of it.

ID/password mismatch error: usually happens if you didn’t update your game account password. To update your password, login here with your NCsoft master account, click Game Accounts, select your Aion game account and click the Change Password. You can use the same password as in closed beta, but for some reason you simply must enter it again.

Login/Authentication issues: this might help you resolve it.

There’s plenty more, so whatever problem you are having I suggest googling it. There’s all kinds of unconfirmed fixes and solutions around. The best advice I can give is to be patient for now.

The worst part, as Thulf already mentioned, is the lack of support from official sources. Most of the info you will find is from Aionsource or similar sites: even though there’s a lot of traffic on the beta forums, the Known Issues and Customer Support forums don’t provide too much help.

NCsoft is no doubt working hard to figure out the causes of these issues, and the best we can do is hope they get it fixed soon, otherwise we’re going to see a very rough launch and many disappointed players.

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One Response to “Open Beta Troubles”

  1. Apparition says:

    Hey Aionfly,

    I read your articles, since half the time the forums at and even are often locked or severely loaded. I played the Closed Beta, and now the first two days of OB. Here are some notable comments.

    Lag – ouch! What the hell was the problem? Well, its been determined that there are significant issues with the EU server connection status. As of 5:00pm EST on 9/7/09, NCSoft severed the link to EU play. The in game lag has been returned to its ~40ms. Unfortunately, this leads the development team to now focus mainly, on the EU situation. So, if you run into a problem in game on the US servers, you are not likely to get a GM… sorry.

    Currency. – WOW!! the currency gains are obviously increased. I can only assume this was done in an effort to limit needless grinding and push the gameplay experience during OB for the Joe Public user.

    Looting – There was a short incident where no one could loot on a few of the servers on 9/6/09 ~ 2:00pm EST, for about an hr. A quick restart and this problem was resolved.

    Flight, combo attacks, group battles, pvp, air pvp, quests, Trade posts, mail, legion’s, banks etc etc, all seem to be working flawlessly for the moment.

    Chat – the chat has exploded with many Fanboy’s from other MMO’s. regardless of their opinion… they are playing Aion. Can we say “Fanboy Irony”? There is no “r” for reply to whispers. This button is used for flight. Instead, simply right click on the name, and type.

    Armor – many improvements have been made since closed beta. Have you dyed your armor yet? Why not? There are so many options!!

    Camera angles – sorry WoW fans; the camera angles are designed for a few reasons… not stating there could be some improvements, yet for now, understand that there are many uses for the two mouse buttons, and set angles. Learn to strafe. All will make sence once you are in an aerial combat.

    Of course, everyones a critic. Myself, I’ll give the 5/5 Stars to NCSoft. I believe this game launch will go rather smoothly. Nice to see a new fresh game, that keeps you entertained, and requires some skill.