Posted by frank on September 11, 2009

List of Aion Servers

NCsoft published a list of Aion servers at game launch for both NA and EU regions. I’m slow on reporting this news but better late then never.

NA servers

West coast:

  • Ariel
  • Kaisinel
  • Nezekan
  • Siel
  • Vaizel
  • Yustiel

East coast:

  • Azphel
  • Israphel
  • Lumiel
  • Marchutan
  • Triniel
  • Zikel

All west coast servers will be GMT-8/PST and east coast GMT-5/EST. Before the headstart begins there will also be a community poll asking players from the Oceanic region which server will they pick, and the same will be done for roleplayers.

EU servers


  • Castor
  • Gorgos
  • Perento
  • Spatalos
  • Telemachus


  • Balder
  • Kromede
  • Thor
  • Votan


  • Suthran
  • Urtem
  • Vidar

European players will also have polls up to help figure out where roleplayers will hang out. All EU servers will be set to GMT+1.

I’m don’t have a clue which one I’ll pick but I’d certainly want to dodge those unofficial RP servers. Got any insight where decent PvPers will hang out?

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One Response to “List of Aion Servers”

  1. Warin says:

    unofficial Eu pvp server = Spatalos