Posted by Thirteen on September 14, 2009

Aion within the Ranks of MMO Giants

We’ve all heard it.  Fanboy this, Fanboy that.  “Aion sucks!”  “So and so game is far better!”

Lets start with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, since this seems to be the stick to measure up.
WoW Logo

WoW was not the first MMO, but was the first to cross market it… made it appeal to fantasy people, kids, nerds, Lore geeks etc etc.  However, Blizzard doesnt seem to want to do anything else… I guess its the ole “why mess it” mentality.  Meanwhile, ANYTHING other than WoW will get criticized to death… if a new game differs from WoW too much, people will say “they’re stupid for not following what works”… and if its too much like WoW, people will complain that “its just another clone”…blah blah blah blah.  Frankly, Im bored of the same ole tripe of the WoW kiddy cartoon style.  After it gets stale, they just copy maps, houses, characters, mobs, etc… change the colors a little, perhaps a few tentacles or something, and release it as a “NEW” expansion….

Huge “L” on the forehead in my opinion.  Then again, we hall have an opinion.

So let’s face it, people dont play MMO games because they are intellectually stimulating, provide wisdom, or produce the ability to increase ones brain power/concentration.  People play MMOs for the chat, and the fact that its a “no brainer”.  What makes WoW so successful, is that it truly is a no brainer… and it appeals to just not one genre.  Case in point, my “carrot on a stick” analogy

… really….

its still a carrot.  Here’s another one…

Sure in the next expansion, the carrot may have a tail, or be green…. its still a carrot.  I seriously doubt any MMO will beat WoW at its own game play.  Instead, the game that will pull more dollars will be the one that’s evolved from that play style, and add some thinking beyond a strategy that you memorize… but one that adapts to its own set of stimulus.

Lastly, to restate my above sentence… “Alas, we all have an opinion”.  If I am to pick up another game, I will pick up one thats got something new or better to offer.  Some of us are content with killing … “Cartman says, 65,340,285 Boars, which should take us 7 weeks, 5 days, 13 hrs, and 20 mins.”

cartman you wanna kill what boars?  LOL!

Let’s have some quick facts about popular games and their current (or recently published), standings..

So let’s face it, people dont play MMO games because they are intellectually stimulating, provide wisdom, or produce the ability to increase ones brain power/concentration.  People play MMOs for the chat, and the fact that its a “no brainer”.  What makes WoW so successful, is that it truly is a no brainer… and it appeals to just not one genre.  Case in point, my “carrot on a stick” analogy… really…. its still a carrot.  Sure in the next expansion, the carrot may have a tail, or be green…. its still a carrot.  I seriously doubt any MMO will beat WoW at its own game play.  Instead, the game that will pull more dollars will be the one that’s evolved from that play style, and add some thinking beyond a strategy that you memorize… but one that adapts to its own set of stimulus.

Quick Facts:

WoW subscriber base (according to Blizz reporting in Jan 2008 – 11.5 Million World wide

Aion subscriber base (according to NCSoft reporting in August 2009 – 4.4 Million in Korea only

AoC subscriber base (according to FunCom reporting in Feb 2009 – 100K World wide. (a $23.3MM loss)

Lotro wont publish its subscriber base numbers but in Sept 2008 – $144Million a year in sales

Warhammer subscriber base (according to Edge Online reporting in Feb 2009 – 382K World wide.

Blizzards press release in Q2 2009 stated they took a significant loss, but state reasons due to down turn in economy in the US and affected EU and Asia markets.  They also stated they expect to regain old subscribers with an upcoming expansion

Ok Thirteen, so what makes an MMORPG the “best”?  In two words…  Suscriber Population…  Aka dollars.  Many people say World of Warcraft is the “best” game out. 

oh yeah?  so lets quantify that.  Best,… because of what?

Its graphics are superior to any other?

Its play model is superior to any other?

It costs less per month then any other?

It has a long standing plot / story line?

Its support and maintenance is superior to any other?

It offers a wide variety of customization?

Its requirement for players to maintain a high level of skill?

I can answer each of these with a definite “no” and provide an example;

graphics? no, see Lotro, AoC, Warhammer, Aion, Lineage, Eve.  I would almost argue that WoW is at the very BOTTOM of the list for graphics.

play model? no, been copied or was copied dozens of times.  Even Blizzard has copied its own, and rubber stamped it into Starcraft, and soon to be released Diablo 2.

Cost? no, majority of MMO games have ~ same cost, if not exactly the same

Plot? no, Lotor has the longest standing plot and story line.

Support and maintenance? no, AoC, Lineage, Eve all have no maintenance dates.

customization? hell no.  Example; every other game out there.

High skill? no, AoC, Guild wars, Lineage, Lotor… require more skilled combo, and interaction with the player.  one example, AoC mob shield generator, it moves depending on operator input, damage, AND it also is random.

MMORPG… hmmm RPG.  Interesting.  Let’s think about that some.  What appeals to the Masses of Multiplaying Online people who play these Role Playing Games?  Does button spamming make a game good?  RPG wouldn’t tend to say so.  There have been RPG games out for quite a long time, even before the current MMO giant.  It was the skill involved; the thinking; the adapting and preparedness for a battle that made RPG games so very popular.  Aion’s combat sequences are a mix of a bit of it all… button spamming, chained RPG abilities, character position to damage ratios, mob defense shields etc.

So what does this mean for the fate of Aion’s launch success?

Forget about the games themselves for a minute, and just look at the corporations.  If Corp A has a product that’s been the reigning champ for sales for a long time, and Corp B has a new product, that looks to be a very strong competitor… post market research analysis teams will push Corp A to throw out a gimmick.  Not to beat out the competition, but to simply ensure a reduction in projected sales by Corp B, and thus maintain Corp A’s position as leading sales….  this marketing strategy has been used for centuries, and it has 0% to do with the actual product.  Who really cares that Lucky Charms has a new 5th marshmallow!?!?  Cataclysm is just a 5th marshmallow.  And a poor attempt at that, in my opinion.


Worgens and Goblins?!?

Hey!  is it time for Six yet?! I got a HUNGER!


So here’s this authors opinion… Aion doesn’t need to “beat out” or “kill” any other MMO.  They simply need to have sales in a close second.  There are enough MMO games out today which pull a little chunck from the current MMO giant.  Eventually, the player base will level out, and Aion, like many others, will become “another MMO game”.  Its up to NCSoft to do the job of keeping subscribers, once they get them.  I believe they can keep the attention from the start with the above current industry standard graphics, customization, and flight combat mechanics… I will be very interested to see how the end plays out.

One things for certian…

The days of considering MMO “aerial combat” as tossing a “smilie face” bomb from an auto pathed dragon…. are over.




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26 Responses to “Aion within the Ranks of MMO Giants”

  1. Fiasco says:

    Awesome, Awesome fucking post!

    The carrot on the stick is great!

  2. OMGwtfBBQ says:

    Not really.

    This post is very biased. The guy just doesn’t like WoW, thus his opinions are invalid.

    “Hey, look at me, I don’t like WoW. I’m going to write a post bashing it.”


  3. Thirteen says:

    No thank you.
    Facts remain, unwavering.
    Corporations use Gimmick competition stops all the time. In fact, its almost required in todays business economy. A preemptive counter strike to block a large impact on sales is smart economic “warfare”.
    _Do a search for Art of the Gimmick_
    Otherwise, leave Egypt… cause you are in De Nile.

  4. Takameanie says:

    :) Surprised you only had one WoW Fanboi comment after that Thirteen lol

    I agree, WoW is full of gimmicks. Also has become a very very very boring game. I love how everyone is mocking Aion saying it is a “grindfest” and how WoW is so much better.

    I can’t think of a bigger grind fest than “raising 50 reputations to exalted-Leveling up to 80 (and then having your class nerfed) and having to level the new buffed class to 80 just so you can PvP (because there is zero skill involved in WoW PvP anymore…it’s all up to the buff/nerf button)-Endless nights of raiding Naxx and not even getting any loot for it. They’ve made the raids so easy that they are just boring…it’s like you log on for 6 hours and you’re like a robot trying to get shinies, and people keep backing up WoW like Bliz is giving them money hahaha. They’re just too hard up to admit that WoW has lost its touch.

    Compare Naxx (and any other WoW raid) to Aion’s endgame (as far as grind-fest goes)

    6 hours spent in Naxx and no loot because someone else got it….compared to 6 hours spent in Aion’s endgame where you get your own points to spend how you want.

    Compare the questing/leveling up in both games. WoW you have to level an alt to 80 (85? in Cataclysm), Aion you have to level to 50. Not to mention Aion’s graphics and combat system are insane compared to WoW, which makes it feel like even less of a grind.

    Bottom line is, the WoW fanbois can defend WoW all they want, but WoW mentioned releasing Cataclysm RIGHT! as Aion was coming out. Thirteen, you hit it spot on…every expansion WoW has ever released has been “the 5th marshmallow”. Also, as I seem to remember (could be wrong though), WoW released (or started publicizing) Wrath of the Lich King about the same time Warhammer was coming out? I don’t see why they’re so scared with all the fanboi’s out there.

    Good read Thirteen, I’m so happy Aion came and tore me away from the massive grindcarnival that WoW has become.

  5. Takameanie says:

    “Not really.
    This post is very biased. The guy just doesn’t like WoW, thus his opinions are invalid.
    “Hey, look at me, I don’t like WoW. I’m going to write a post bashing it.”

    Your post is also Fail then, OMGwtfBBQ, because your statement is also biased in that, you are a WoW fanboy. Also, your comment fails a lot more than Thirteen’s article in that, you posted zero reasons why you like WoW. No fanboy can give reasons why they like WoW, because they have none. They just “want” to love WoW, no matter how boring it has gotten.

    The reasons I see WoWfanboys give as to why they hate Aion, such as: No plot, no endgame, grindfest, are biased. Everything is biased in opinions, and at least Thirteen gave back up data to drive his points home. Aions plot kills WoW’s plot…I played WoW for 2 years and can’t even think what the plot is…Horde? Alliance?…Horde are bad…Alliance are good…new gimmick races come out Worgens and Goblins (both of which look like they should be on the horde side)…Worgens in no way shape or form look like a “good” force.

    Also another “best game” characteristic you could add Thirteen is:

    Gear is cool looking…

    WoW’s Northrend WotLK gear is the most horid gear design ever, and the kicker is…EVERY piece looks exactly the same!

    Aion’s level 10 gear makes WoW’s epic endgame gear look like a kindergartener designed it. :)

  6. Theelite69 says:

    Aion sounds like a great game. I played WoW since it first came out, and I loved it. I recently stopped because of time concerns. Also, it really was just not as much fun as it used to be. It has become a game for the masses. This is not bad if you are the mediocre player; however, if you love gaming, a good challenge should be in store for “end game!” NAXX SRS BSN VRY HRD!

  7. Halfling says:

    They’re both just games and they both happen to be very good games.

    With any comparison, people tend to pick out a few key characteristics to compare. When Toyota sells Priuses against Mustangs, I’m sure they point out gas mileage. When Ford sells Mustangs, they point out performance. How about taking a look at the overall package and how well each accomplishes what its designers set out to do?

    Is WoW fun? Hell yeah it is. Is it challenging? It’s as challenging as you want it to be. Very few guilds have cleared Tribute runs in ToC. Relatively few guilds have fully cleared Ulduar hard modes. These raids require timing from everyone and a lot of careful thought and planning. A lost mage or warlock early in Mimiron 10 easily means a wipe. In other words, everyone — not just the main tank — needs to be on the ball.

    Is Aion fun? Hell yeah it is. Is it challenging? So far it is. I’m just lvl 22 at the moment and am anxiously awaiting the Abyss and my first couple of instance runs. If the PVE instance content is halfway decent, it will probably become my new MMO-of-choice. Does that mean I dislike WoW? Nope. It just means I’ve been-there-done-that for so many years that something fresh is a nice change.

    Other games that have come out failed miserably for me. AoC, Vanguard, and Warhammer were all lousy games that failed to keep my attention for more than a few days.

    To the author: Try to avoid the general chat folks rambling on about this or that being better than the other. They’re all morons. In fact, the original highly biased post is pretty moronic as well. It’s a shame because I think underneath all that bias you sound like someone who would be very fun to group with in Aion.

    Here’s why I think Aion will do well. I think it will do well because they’ve incorporated what works within WoW, added a few dashes of what works in other games, and added a very clever twist. Aerial combat seemed like it would be gimmicky. It’s not at all what I expected; it is fresh and fun and unique. For a WoW player like me, a key requirement to enjoy another game is being able to walk into it and not feel like I’m being constantly bashed for (gasp!) thinking a carrot on a stick trinket is fun to earn or (gasp again!) thinking a goblin sounds like a lot of fun to level.

    In theory (I have read but haven’t yet gotten high enough level yet) the end game content in Aion seems much better suited for folks who like their challenges in more manageable bite-size chunks. Apparently 6 person instances offer great challenges and really good gear on par with raids. If that is truly the case, then I will be very impressed.

  8. WM says:

    This isn’t biased at all.

    • Takameanie says:

      Everything is biased…

      The only way an article about video games could be unbiased is that it would have to be written by someone who hasn’t played the game…that would be a very boring/uninformative article…gg on leaving a reply that accomplishes zilch tho.

  9. asdf says:

    Nice. Another Aion fanboy.

    • Thirteen says:

      Not sure who this is directed, or to what point this is referring.
      This author has definitely noticed a backlash from WoW-ies. Typically, when comments of little to no supported information are seen like above, I cant help but to laugh. What are Wow-ies so afraid of? Not once, has a statement been made to say Aion is the only game to play cause its so “WoW-awesome!”. No, quite the contrary. To quote myself, I believe I stated.

      So here’s this authors opinion… Aion doesn’t need to “beat out” or “kill” any other MMO. They simply need to have sales in a close second. There are enough MMO games out today which pull a little chunck from the current MMO giant. Eventually, the player base will level out, and Aion, like many others, will become “another MMO game”. Its up to NCSoft to do the job of keeping subscribers, once they get them. I believe they can keep the attention from the start with the above current industry standard graphics, customization, and flight combat mechanics… I will be very interested to see how the end plays out.

      I also think its funny, not only do 47% of the 21.2 million subscribing gamers believe WoW isn’t all that anymore, and poke fun at the cartooney, mind-numbing, “no skill required” game… but the general public is starting too, I.e. the southpark episodes, and even the Mountain Dew commercials. Poll the public if those commercials are “cool”.
      If WoW-ies are this insecure about something as simple as a “good game on the market”, perhaps they are subconsciously agreeing… WoW simply isn’t as #1 for play as it used to be.

      • Takameanie says:

        Now that my state of mind has changed, I have to disagree with this. The reason southpark and mountain dew commercials are “doing” WoW, is because it is the biggest game out there. Think about it, Southpark makes fun of everyone and everything that has made it big. WoW would have to be very popular to have Southpark poke fun at it. Everyone will always get insecure about people wanted to like another game, because MMO’s are all about the community. If the community falls apart, the game will. No matter what game comes out, if it threatens the game you currently play and like, you will more than likely think of anything to say to bash that other game and try to keep as many people as you can playing your game of choice. When I wanted Aion to be better than WoW, because I was just sick of playing WoW, I bashed WoW and the people that play it to try to get more of them to leave it and join Aion. Now however, I don’t play either, and looking back I can honestly say WoW was a more enjoyable game to spend time playing.

  10. Kallios says:

    I never played wow ( I would have tried it if it’s was not of the 14 days free trial false pub they had ) or the bad community WoW has

    but now Blizzard has been threatened by new asian MMO yes clearly it’s a racist thought but I played AION and I felt like playing FFXI I loved it it’s was nice and challenging even at the beginning it’s what people want a lot of gamers are tired of hearing WOW IS THE BEST WOW CLONE WOW IS GOD everyone wnats a change and hopefully it’s there

  11. Jsoh says:

    Aion is a load of fun> Very Challenging and VERY rewarding. Rare items, are in fact RARE. And are ooo’d and awwed at… as they should be.

    No on is handing out epics like candy on halloween aion.

    This game is a breath of fresh air.

    I feel ashamed for being such a WoW diehard for so long…

  12. Hello,thanks you for this useful blogg, i really find much interesting things on it and i really loved the design of the blogg. I found it on yahoo. I also want to wish you a happy new year.

  13. Hannikohl says:

    Lol still seeing WoW bitch fan boys lol my best friend is 1 and i play aion and he been playing wow since the day it came out. And he was Harsing on aion got tired of his dumbass comments that acutaly about wow like oh aion is a grindfest aion has crappy graphics aion is a wow clone wow is way better than aion. So I showed him aion so he would shut the fuck up and he did just guess what he quit playing and is now playing aion u dumbass wow fanboys stop taking up for bliz u act like u in love with there dick. Aion has better graphics than wow also aion not a grindfest lot of questing and grinding combined is how u level u can not just have 1 job like skill like in wow u can do them all also aion is not a wow clone it’s not toonish it’s not noobish it’s has aireal pvpve it’s has better armor and is selling alot more copies fast than wow did. Ok and if u didn’t guess my friend now plays aion yes Aion ya WoW not a gaint any more it’s a falling gaint. Also warhammer has 8 million playing lol the day I came out it sold 1.2 million and wow counts thier locked acounts and the none exstisting 1 any more so I think it has maybe 10 million

  14. Takameanie says:

    Keep getting updates on new comments for this, and I have to say that I closed my Aion account a few months ago. I admit I was all hyped up on it, but I’m pretty sure this was just because I “wanted” it to be better than WoW. The highest level I could “force” myself to get to in Aion was level 35. It was at that point that I noticed how it really was no fun at all. I now have to agree that Aion is a complete and total grindfest, and even though I stated earlier that WoW was a grindfest also, I now must take that back. After playing the mid levels of Aion around lvl 30 or so, it became almost impossible for me to force myself to keep going. I didn’t feel like doing the quests that I had anymore, so I just kept doing Fire Temple over and over. To me, this makes me change my mind totally. Keep in mind I no longer play WoW either (haven’t played any mmo’s really), but I have to say, if I did return to one it would more than likely be WoW.

    The other thing that got me burnt out very very fast about Aion was the end game sadly. I had high hopes for it, but when I thought about it Aion’s endgame really has no skill at all involved in it. I noticed how the PvPvE quickly became a broken record of “which side brings 200 people vs the other sides 100 people is going to be the winner. It reminded me of “Besieged” in Final Fantasy XI, where there are so many people in that one zone that you have so much lag you can’t see what is going on. My legion mates were even “dumbing down” their systems making it so you could only see enemies names making their bodies invisible. What good are high end graphics if you have to turn them all off just to be lag free in the most important aspect of the game. At one point in an abyss fortress raid my screen froze and I had to restart the game.

    The other horible aspect of the end game I noticed was, all the other faction has to do to wipe your whole fortress raid group is to swoop in while you are fighting the boss and help the boss kill your tank. Once that is done the boss will then go on to kill you all and their tank can then pick up the general and kill it for themselves.

    I also hated how easy it was to “train” mobs onto others. I once had someone run by me being chased by a mob. He outran it, and on the mobs way back it started attacking me. I didn’t heal the person, nor did I attack the mob, but for some reason it just started attacking me. To me this is a BS system they have.

    Also, the exp you get for killing monsters doesn’t scale with your level at all. One good thing about WoW, is that even though the exp required to level gets more and more at high levels, it takes about the same ammount of time to level (not counting level 1-20 which don’t take much time at all).

    Another thing that changed my mind was the fact that absolutely NOTHING has been posted about Aion almost since the game came out. Pre-release there were so many articles coming out to read, but now it is like everyone has stopped and nobody is talking about it. That is one very strong point about WoW, there are massive ammounts of material to read about it.

    I have to say if I returned to play an MMO again, it would probably be WoW, but I am also sick of it.

    I loved Aion’s graphics, I loved Aion’s gear styles, but I am now forced to agree that it is the biggest grindfest of all time. WoW may be cartoony and all that, but it’s gameplay is so polished that it makes up for it. Aion’s endgame can’t even compare with WoW’s. The PvP endgame of WoW is as “fair” as you can get, when you enter an arena or battleground the sides are always equal, it is always 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 or equal teams for battlegrounds. In Aion, the only thing that matters is if 200 people come with you to the abyss, and hope the other side only has 100 people online (which then becomes a complete lag-fest to the point you can’t see what is going on).

  15. Hannikohl says:

    Lol why r u lieing dude u did not post this And by the time u would have a lvl 50 r u just suck a aion and aion not a grindfest there is a tradebroker gathering gives u xp crafting gives u xp and also quest gives u xp so I do not think aion Is grindfest and if u did play it u would no lol and the dude who posted said he played wow so why r u lying also I oncethpigh wow was te best mmos but now wow only has fan boys playing now also only 1 job and pvpve is not who brings 200 vs 100 lol matters how they play so I highly disbeileve u ever played aion u liar

    • Takameanie says:

      Yes, Sir. Aion is a grindfest. OOOO they give you XP for crafting and gathering??!?!?!??! WOW you get like 200 xp for one gather…but you have 20 million xp to level…I would say that you should calculate how many times you would have to gather to level off that 200 xp, but I’m pretty sure you don’t know how to work a calculator.
      Seriously you can’t be lying that much to yourself that you don’t think Aion’s PvP is who brings 200 vs 100…are you really REALLY trying to tell me that if you have 100 people on your side and the other faction has 200, that you can win?! If that’s what you’re trying to tell me then I would have to LOL really big at you, because that would be impossible, chief. Also, you didn’t make any comments about there not being a SINGLE up-to-date forum or blog or anything about Aion anymore…that is because it is a dead horse. There were all kinds of articles popping out about Aion pre-release and now all of a sudden, nothing at all.

  16. Hannikohl says:

    Oh and also lol that lie about mob attacking u after they went back after chasing a dude is a lie u r a wow fanboylittlebitch Liar u homo

  17. Hannikohl says:

    Oh and if ur shit is lagging them it is ur connection ya it might lag for a sec cause it is loading the graphics wait u would not know about that u play wow the graphics berly better than runescape raids r not simple in the aion but wow is fucking idiot proof no lie I know a dumbass who plays it and wow is what does not take skill and is ur name thirteen no it is not why be a liar bitch so grow up and quit suckimg bliz dickhomo ass bitch ok so getthat dick out of yo ass

    • Takameanie says:

      hah sureee, that’s why my entire legion lagged in it. Oh and as I sat there freeze-lagging, I could see probably 100 people just disappearing, getting disconnected. I guess it was my connection that froze everyone’s systems and kicked them off :) . Nice try though.

    • Takameanie says:

      WoW raids, I have to admit, are about 300 times the difficulty of Aion’s endgame (both PvP and PvE). PvE instances in Aion have no strategies, they are just run up and kill mob 1 then go to mob 2. Sadly, I actually found myself missing all the boss strategies from WoW. Do retards play WoW and get away with it? Yes. The difference is, a whole group of retards could do an instance or fortress raid in Aion as long as they have high numbers of retards. At least in WoW, 1 person (at least), has to know what they are doing to be able to beat the boss. If you think about it, if you have 200 morons you can win in Aion’s endgame, but if you have 200 morons in WoW, you are just stuck with 200 morons…you can’t defeat anything without knowing the exact strategy for a boss encounter. Also, I never once lagged in WoW…probably because their servers can actually support the population they allow. Aion’s servers can’t handle 500 people in the same location in the Abyss at one given time. I’m sorry for bursting your bubble, but it’s true, they just can’t. Also, I have a pretty decent graphics card and memory. IF you are right (and that’s a huge IF), and I actually would need to get a new graphics card (which an upgrade from mine would probably be 500 bucks) then that is a HUGE mistake that Aion made, and isn’t something you can make fun of the player for…

      If you design a game that is only playable (and by playable I mean that you don’t lag at all and you can see ALL the graphics and don’t have to turn player graphics off) by the very top end computer system, then you made a huge mistake…that is probably why WoW has a staggering ammount of players compared to Aion…because anyone that wants to play it can play it and actually see all the graphics the game has (even if they don’t nearly compare to Aion’s graphics)…the bad thing is you have to stand in an area that has 3 other players in it to be able to see all the graphics.
      Also Hannikohl, you should go to Zoolander’s school for kid’s who want to learn how to read really really good, because I clearly stated that I don’t play Aion OR WoW anymore. All I said was if I was to go back to one it would more than likely be WoW.
      Sooner or later you’ll have to admit to yourself that Aion just really messed up with their endgame idea. In theory it sounds like a really exciting idea for an endgame, but the more you think about it you will see that an idea like this could never exist. All it turns into is a group of 300 people vs a group of 200 people, and when that happens it turns into a tab-attack fest, where you don’t even have time to think about who you are targetting you just tab tab tab attack attack attack.

  18. Hannikohl says:

    Lol then ur graphics card can nort support wow And if u think I am a aion fanboy I am not I also play warhammer Rohan shaiya mw2 halo 3 gow2 l4d2 rsv2 so ya I am no aion fanboy I just don’t like lieing little bitches ok and if u did play aion why not sell ur account if u reached 30 for 200 dollars cause u never played it

  19. Athenodora says:

    OK, so first of all, I totally agree with everything you said about WoW, Thirteen.I got sick of all my class mates telling me like:”Oh, WOW is the best, nothing can beat it”and thank you for this post,now I can make them feel like WoW is not the best anymore. And about Cataclysm… yeah right, goblins=dwarves with green skin,big ears and shaved beards and those worgens or what the hell they call them=some sort of failed chemical experiment on a tauren. Really, very original. Have you seen those WoW commercials? Stars like Ozzy Osbourne,Jean-Claude Van Damme, etc. are saying like:”I’m a level 80 tauren druid, what’s your game?” or “I’m a level 80 night elf rogue, what’s your game?” Search them up on YouTube and I’m sure you’ll find them. Anyway they’re absolutely hilarious!I’m not a hater of WoW… oh wait,I am… but the only reason I hate WoW is because I can’t see the story line,it’s all so twisted and hard to understand, it’s my opinion. Yes, I’ve played WoW for 1 week and then I quitted ’cause I got bored, really!I love everything about Aion: gameplay, story, PvP, PvE, the quests, all of it. I’m not obsessed with it, maybe I am, but Aion it’s not the only MMORPG I’ve played: Guild Wars, Shaiya, Lineage 2, WoW etc. And I am girl. And I like it. Thank you for reading my thoughts ;) . Looking forward to seeing you guys ingame. My Asmo main is on Kahrun and the Ely one is on Gorgos. I’m not a high level(16-21) but who knows, maybe one day I’ll kick those Elyos/Asmodian asses that come to invade my world:D

  20. Micke says:

    I played Both WoW & Aion. And i like both of them, as my entire guild and almost 50% of my friends list left WoW for aion when Aion came live in EU/NA. I went with them ofc. This grinding people talk about, i have yet to see it, and i am lvl 50. I still have 28 quests to do, and far more left to do to Get my character some better equips :) But whatever. You must all know WoW is a old game, its been out for 5 years, so it cant hold the same graphics/Dynamics or anything like aion can. Cause aion is new. But to not bore you 2 mutch, we all are still playing aion. instead of WoW. We like how the animation plays when killing a mob or doing PvP, instead of the boring and “one roaded” animation that WoW has, if you catch my drift ? Also i want more Rpg in a mmo, and aion offers that by putting in Cutscenes, that way you feel Way more involved in your character of choice, you feel like YOU are needed, if you know what i mean. & customization is also important, to me anyways. In aion Its impossible to look like anyother, you can look like Michael jackson if you want, now thats insain. But then again, aion is new. Where WoW failed me Aion succeeded. The community is far better, more mature. thats also a big +, now there are idiots there 2, but nothing like WoW has. In only one year aion has 4,4 mil subs, thats a good sign for Ncsoft. And i have no doubt Aion will be turned into a diamond, and i Know aion will become so mutch more, We havent seen anything yet.
    Im sorry to say the WoW time is over, and more & more people are leaving, why ? because its old. Copy/Paste dont work anymore. With aion as the 2:nd biggest mmo out there, Blizzard cant afford to do copy/Paste anymore, they need to come up with something better then that what aion has. And with that old Engine they rely on, i doubt they can :/. But to each its own right ? WoW is to the more Casual gamers, Aion i think is to the more hardcore, with some elements to satisfy the Casual gamers, and with time Aion will also become easier. the PvP in aion is also far superior to that of WoW, in aion you need skill and you need strategy alot of it to win a Fort, like in War. And choosing different races in WoW still seem like the same, in Aion its a hughe difference, doesnt even feel like you are playing the same Game. WoW had its peak, but thats over & done :/. all these elements made me without a doubt just freeze my wow acc, aion is to good to just pass by. And with time aion will progress mutch more then WoW can, cause WoW is old. They cant do that mutch new for something that old. Well laters