Posted by Thirteen on September 16, 2009

A Plethora of Options

There are many options within Aion.

Most all are aware of the near indefinite customization of the character creation screen.  Further that, do you become Elyos or Asmodian?  Are you male or female?  Which path of the character classes do you follow?  Which sub class?  Do you prefer the speed questing of solo-questing or chunk EXP questing in groups?  Make your money in a personal store or uber grindfest?


In Open Beta, I came across a rather… how should I say, “unique perspective”, on the level of options within Aion’s fantasy culture.  And this sighting, got me thinking.  Just how far can a user go?  And to that extent, how much forethought did the NCSoft team put together when designing certian aspects of the game?  I am referring to the oldest profession in the world.  Yup, you guessed it.  Prostitution.

Innovative Ideas

No ladies and gents, this is not a fake.  This is an actual screen capture.  Of course, being the Intellictual Posterior I am;… I had to jump in on the action.  Perhaps it was simply the fact that this was Beta and not many were too concerned over the horde of cash in their cubes, however, I was also surprised to see people ACUALLY offering money for a service!!

So I spent some time in discussion with the “Whore”.  A really nice fellow.  Does this author believe this single entrepreneur to be an anomaly?  not hardly; more like the first of many. 

Note the clothing.  This got me thinking too.  Why is this “outfit” available in the first place?  I get the Christmas one… it has a purpose.  Even the dress attire has a role play function.  Did NCSoft foresee this?

My hat’s off to this individual for his “out of the box” thinking.  Games are meant for entertainment.  Farmers make money at it… This “farmer” has an un-ending supply of “crop”.

The Question now is… “What are you going to do with the game?”


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2 Responses to “A Plethora of Options”

  1. frank says:

    I’m not exactly sure if this is a good or bad thing. I guess we’ll see more and more hilarious uses of private stores.