Posted by frank on July 12, 2009

Killerguides Aion Guide Review

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Killerguides recently published an Aion guide and I just couldn’t resist of getting myself a copy of it. Even though I already posted a few guides here, more info is always welcome so if you’re interested in it keep reading!

There’s plenty of info on various subjects, and while it may not be extremely useful for those who have been participating in the beta for months, those who are rather new to the game will surely find something for their taste. It might be especially useful if you preordered Aion and want to participate in the upcoming beta weekends. Here’s a short list of just some of the content:

  • Table of contents (1-33)class and factions info
  • divine power
  • equipment (weapons & armor)
  • leveling
  • professions
  • stigmas (stones, quests, shards, skills)
  • quests and quest types
  • selling items
  • kinah strategies
  • legions
  • titles
  • leveling guide 10-20 for both factions (will be updated soon!)
  • Abyss
  • user interface
  • macros
  • enhancements

This unofficial Aion guide is constantly updated, usually after each beta weekend. A few parts are still work in progress, but I’m sure it will be finished by the time Aion is released. It’s great to see such info gathered in one nicely written guide, but there is one downside: it comes at a price. If you ask me it’s worth it, but it’s your call.

The price of the guide is $29,99, which in my opinion is more than fair. Once you order here you’re also eligible for free updates so whether you get it now or in few months makes no difference. However, the guide has a discount price right now and you can get it for $19,99 — the offer lasts only for the next two days though so hurry up if you want your copy.

Oh, and I almost forgot: the first five people who post a comment on this post get a free copy of this Aion guide, courtesy of Killerguides. You get the real deal with all the goodies and free updates of course! Just be sure to use a working email and your name so I can forward it!

Giveaway over, thanks for participating!

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6 Responses to “Killerguides Aion Guide Review”

  1. phil says:

    Thanks for the heads up ill look into it at a later date when i finally get outta the toon creator section of the game mwhahahah too much fun

  2. Michael says:

    Cool thanks!

  3. Rizla says:

    Nice might come in handy for professions, grind zoens and quests, that can always get annoying in an mmo.

  4. Dekkan says:

    Nice, more Aion info is always welcome!

  5. Synic says:

    Gotta love good game guides. Macro help is always needed!

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for participating guys. I’ll forward your emails to killerguides and they’ll take care of the rest :)

    Hope you enjoy it!