Posted by frank on July 3, 2009

How To Get AionArmory Tooltips On Your Site

There’s a lot of Aion sites and blogs popping up lately, and while it’s always a pleasure reading people’s opinions, there is one thing I noticed on many of them: plenty of links to items, quests and spells to Since it can be inconvenient to visit the website for each link (it’s not uncommon to find dozens and more links), not to mention comparing numerous items, here’s an easy way to get their tooltips on your site (example: Sword of Chaos).

All you have to do is, believe it or not, add the following code somewhere before the </head> tag in your site’s source code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

If you’re using Wordpress, you can simply add the code by logging into your admin panel, click the Appearance link, then Editor, and select header.php from the list on the right side. Make sure you add the code before the ending head tag! Save the file and you’re done.

For users, go to your blogs Layout page, click the Edit HTML link and add the code (again, before </head> tag!). Save the template and you’re done.

There’s even more things you can do with this script, like showing an icon next to the link. You can read more about the advanced options here.

Sword of Chaos

It’s dead easy and your users will appreciate not having to open new windows all the time. Note however that these tooltips will not show in your RSS feeds! If you need any help getting this to work properly, feel free to ask!

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