Posted by frank on July 15, 2009

Completely Unbiased Review of Aion (Beta)

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Seems like everyone and their mother makes Aion reviews these days. This one is a bit different and even though it may not present Aion in the best light, it’s hilarious. If you’re into Wolverines, sucking souls out of fish and trees shitting apples, you should definitely watch it!

Thanks to @longasc for finding it! And remember if you have anything interesting I could post here, be sure to send it my way either via the contact form here or via twitter.

Be sure to check out part two of this vid also!

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5 Responses to “Completely Unbiased Review of Aion (Beta)”

  1. Artean says:

    Sounds like another “it’s not WoW so I don’t like it” type review.

  2. Dan says:

    Wow watched 2 min of that and got annoyed … he must have just learn’t to swear this christmas cause it’s obviously still a novlty to him!

  3. Zith says:

    Disagree with the above posters. Thought it was a good review. Your voice seems super familiar to me for some reason. Anyways, watched all your videos and really enjoyed them. I’m planning to cancel my wow account and sign up for Aion. Hopefully it doesn’t flop like WAR and AoC did. =(

  4. Takameanie says:

    Cancelled WoW and preordered Aion back before CB#3 and haven’t looked back since. Can’t wait for beta on the 6th and release on 22nd. Aion blows WoW out of the water.