Posted by frank on July 5, 2009

Aion Preorders

For those who may be interested in getting early beta access to Aion, as well as some exclusive in-game items once the game launches, you can get both by preordering Aion now. According to reviews so far, this is probably the game of the year and you won’t regret playing it (I know I won’t!).

Additionally, the first run of the Aion standard edition will be enclosed in premium SteelBook metal cases, and if you think that’s not cool enough you’re a lost cause :)

Here’s a full list of bonuses you get for pre-ordering the game:

  • Aion Beta Events: Preorder and receive a code to access all of the remaining Aion beta events.
  • Preorder-Only In-Game Items: In-game items will be available for use during the head start program.
    • Black Cloud Hat (gives boosts to HP, MP, magical resistance, and evasion)
    • Lodas’ Amulet (gives a +20% experience boost for 1 hour)
    • One Ancient Ring of Power (type depends on your retail channel): Ancient Ring of Fire, Ancient Ring of Magic, Ancient Ring of Earth, Ancient Ring of Water, or Ancient Ring of Wind.
  • Head Start Program: Get a 48-hour head start to the live game before the game releases.
  • Preselection: Select your character names and server in advance of the game going live.
Asmodian Black Cloud Hat Elyos Black Cloud Hat

Here’s a link where you can order either limited Collectors Edition copy or the standard one! Don’t wait any longer and get your copies today!

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  1. name says:

    Already preordered collectors edition! :)