Posted by frank on July 9, 2009

Aion Collectors Edition Selling Fast

If you still didn’t preorder Aion, I suggest you do so as soon as possible, especially so if you’re after the collectors edition. According to the news on the official site, there are only 50,000 CE copies distributed and many vendors already sold most if not all.

Here are the bonuses in the collectors edition:

  • 6.5″-tall, hand-painted figurine of Aiva, a winged Asmodian Daeva
  • Exclusive in-game items, including:
    • Black Cloud Wings (gives 40 seconds of additional flight time)
    • Black Cloud Earring (gives an HP and an MP boost)
    • Special character title with stat boost
    • Color dye to tint one in-game item
    • Two character emotes
    • Official Aion soundtrack CD
  • Two dual-sided, full-color posters
  • Full-color, trifold quick reference card
  • Two game DVDs
  • Game manual
  • First 30 days of gameplay

Hand-Painted Figurine

This 6.5″-tall, hand-painted figurine of Aiva, a winged Asmodian Daeva, has detachable wings and a removable axe.

Black Cloud Wings

The in-game Black Cloud Wings add 40 seconds to flight time and are equippable at level 30.

Black Cloud Earring

The Black Cloud Earring gives your character an HP and an MP boost.

Rich Purple Color Dye

This in-game color dye item allows you to tint an item once.

Two Exclusive In-Game Emotes

“Hip Hop” and “Aion Boogie”

Official Aion Soundtrack CD

The world-renowned, award-winning Ryo Kunihiko composed the Aion soundtrack. Its music highlights both the ethereal beauty of the game world and the tense battles of Aion’s gameplay

There’s a $25 difference between a standard and collectors edition, but in my opinion it’s worth it! You can check the full list of retailers here, or simply head over to, they have plenty in stock!

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