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Aion Enchanting Guide

This enchanting guide was originally posted on the RavenWolf guild forums, and it’s possibly the best guide so far. I’m sure you’ll notice it’s written in a really casual note, but nevertheless it’s quite useful and suffice to say a fun read, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Note: I edited a few sentences, fixed some typos and applied some formatting so it’s easier to read.

  1. Introduction
  2. My gear can level too?
  3. How Do I shot web?
  4. Stick to the plan!
  5. Picture book comparison
  6. Rumor mill buster!
  7. Reap the Rewards!
  8. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Hey all for those that don’t know me my poster name is Keeg and my in game char is Saphira. I have c aion experience as well I am currently in the beta phase of na aion. I got bored and decided to level my gear and quickly found how complicated this system could be to a new player, so to help out I made this guide…. actually turns out a lot of my legion members suck at leveling there gear too, but shh they might hurt me.
That being said though for the time being this guide shall focus on leveling gear that is lv 10 to use. This is because I will only use info that I have myself encountered. I may add more about my experience at the higher levels that come later, if there is enough demand for it.

2. My gear can level too?

That’s right your gear can level as well! No your gear doesn’t have its’ own exp bar or take durability damage. However you can level your gear threw enchanting. The current cap on gear is level 10, which each level adding more pts to a base stat then previously before. Keep in mind though that this system works differently then manastones. In this system your gear starts at lv0 and can’t go below this point (unless your raving, his gear is -1 apparently). That being said for each success your gear will gain one level. However, if you fail the enchantment your gear will lose one level.

How do I shot web?

You put on your spider man custom, make the pew pew sound, then proceed to spray your opponent with a can of wipcream!

On a serious note using this system is actually very easy to do. First start off by gathering equipment you no longer need and proceed to the local general merchant. Most general merchants will carry an item that sells for 900ish Kinah which breaks down equipment for you. Just right click this item after you buy it, and choose the gear in the inventory you wish to disenchant. Please keep in mind once you disenchant a piece of gear it is gone forever, and the disenchant item is consumed upon use. once you succeed the disenchant process you will be given 1-3 enchantment items to use. Which one and how many you get depends on the quality of the item in my experience, also part of it appears to be random; as the yield of enchantment items are not consistent.

4. Stick to the plan!

Ok now you know how to enchant, time for some strategy! You poster, hiding in the corner, I want you to kill devil. The other guy with the funny hat, I want you to distract Knite with role play. And the other guy who wants to join in the fun, but I ran out of things for the plan to do, you can be our cheer leader; and lead us on to victory threw your words of encouragement!

Ok yes, yes I will get on with a serious plan…. I’m bored sorry. As you know all gear starts at level 0…. which means you have nothing to lose, except for your pride! That being said spam away all your crappy enchant items on all your items until they are lv 1 each. That way you don’t waste them or proceed to face palm b/c you worked all the way up to lv 9 and went back all the way to lv 0… almost had this happen to me once.

Once you get to about 4 or 5 using normal enchants, stop leveling it and save up your good enchants to finish the job! This way you can save your self a ton of money and time by not playing the level up and down game continuously proceeding to /facepalm. Remember, when enchanting your gear, patience goes a long way. If you feel you don’t have enough high level enchants, its best to stop and grind for more.

Now on to how to upgrade level 10 gear the most efficient way! First your target is lv 9 white or higher, with lv 7 green or higher. lv 7 white and lv 4 green or lower in my experience gave absolute crap. It is best just to vendor or auction these items to help pay for your enchanting. Also belts can’t be disenchanted either, so just vendor or auction those as well.

5. Picture book comparison

Here is a picture book of enchanting. Note I will add more pics later, but I just wanted to get a rough draft started of this section due to the beta is almost over.

Lv10 enchant blue quality. After spamming these on lv 7 and 9 green gear, I can confirm they are complete crap for this armor set, don’t waste your time or money on them unless your gear is level 0.

Lv8 enchant blue quality. Same as above don’t use these on level 7 or 9 green gear, unless your gear is still level 0.

White quality enchanting material. These had a much better success rate for lv 7 and lv 9 green gear. In particular I had the best rates with the level 14-16 ones. Keep in mind I had a ton of white grade enchanting supplies, these seem to be the most common from lv 9 white gear and lv 7 green gear.

Lv 22 gold grade quality seems to be quite rare, as I only got it once breaking down a green lv 14 shield. Keep in mind though I didn’t have much experience breaking down higher lv green items, as I only bought the cheap ones on the auction. That being said I had the best success rate with these which actually lead to my first +10 item :sparkles:. Note I forgot to take a picture of these, I will try to get these again some time today before the servers close. If some one wants to donate their own pic of these though feel free, I will give you credit for it in the guide.

6. Rumor mill buster!

So, I know what you’re thinking. There is a ton of rumors running around, what’s true and what’s not you say? Read on!

  • Fact: You ARE NOT penalized for using too high level of an enchant on your gear. I had the best success rate with higher level enchants.
  • Fact: Your gear level and level to use the item are different depending on the quality of your gear, and where it came from. This will affect which enchanting stones you should use for best results.
  • Fact: You CAN NOT fail the disenchant phase of turning gear into enchant stones. However, your yield will be random.
  • Rumor: some pieces are harder to enchant then others. I can’t confirm this due to I have not experimented enough, but I did run into a few questionable set backs that makes me wonder.
  • Rumor: matching the exact level of the gear will give the best results. I can’t confirm or deny this due to not enough testing. However, I can confirm that the higher the level, the more then likely you will exceed to an extent.
  • Rumor: Saphira has a full set of +10 gear and is made of win. I can’t confirm or deny this due to I never meet this person. However, I heard rumors he has a +10 shield, chest, and legs. While he currently working boots that he got to +5… but are now sitting at +3

7. Reap the Rewards!

Getting +10 gear is no easy task: it requires time, patience, money, and above all dedication (going all the way to +6then going back to +3 back and forth really…. really sucks haha). That being said you shall be rewarded for your efforts. +10 gear is much stronger then level 0 gear as you will notice a significant increase in stat compared to before. Here is some of mine.

Now I don’t know about you, but after all that hard work. I think its time to test the new +10s. My victim of choice just so happened to be gerbals. Turns out I grew quite bitter waitting for them for drop greens to finish off my boots… but first stretch!

Now to kill those gerbals…



Of course it didn’t take me long to get bored and move on to harder prey >.>

Apparantly I’m the new pack leader!

After which, I got caught in a fight with a bird, whom thought his wings where better then mine…. who is laughing now!?

And to finish the job I killed the undead to save us all from the zombie invasion that could of been… your welcome.

8. Conclusion

This is the end of the guide. I kept it short and sweet as new players where my current focus, as they need help the most. In the future I may expand this guide, or make another guide if there is enough demand for it. I do however, plan to add a few more things to this guide. That being said what is here right now is to benefit those that want to enchant there lv 10 gear who are currently in beta, or new players in the future in retail. I hope you have found this guide useful.

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  1. Vare says:

    Thanks for the guide, but man that character is so ugly >_<

  2. Scherzo says:

    Man, I gotta say, those pics at the end of the guide don’t seem right to me. You, a lvl 10 cleric, killing lvl 17s, 18s, and 19s just because you have all your gear enchanted to +10? No way. Plus, on each of the pictures, your XP bar is full. Now, I can understand the XP bar being full on the first picture and empty on the second, but if you’re killing just one of those high lvl mobs at lvl 10, and you have a full bar of XP, you’re going to be lvl 11. >.<

    • Heiwa says:

      Scherzo, judging from the date this guide was submitted, I think these screenshots were taken during the first closed beta event. During this event, the level cap was level 10.

  3. Obliza says:

    Scherzo, you cannot progress to level 10 till you complete the wings quest. you are stuck at 9 with a full bar

  4. Linuz Da Man says:

    Im still cant understand the Stone Enchantment-System, can anyone add me on Aion and tell me or give me a little walkthrough ?,
    In that way, My Char :
    (Sorc 33 (Right now)